A farmer and a rice crop.  One agricultural scene.

Onna-daigaku /2

It is one agricultural scene where the figure of the farmer who works by a rice field was drawn.
It is a left half of “Onnadaigaku/2.”

Signs that the seedlings of the rice cultivated by the bed for rice plants are collected are drawn on the upper part.
It is the hard work work done in half-sitting posture.
In the middle, the man who shoulders a seedling and moves is drawn and it is.
It seems that signs that it shoulders with a yoke in this way were common in Japan.

In the lower berth, the woman covered with an umbrella is planting the seedling.
It ranks with a line and is putting the seedling in order regularly.

Although details are different, the rice crop is doing work also with the same present age.
Although there is a portion using a machine, the work itself performed by machine is the same as ancient times.





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