It had become the incarnation of the snake, living.

Kannonkyou-wakun-zue/ First volume/ 12

It is an illustration of a continuation of “Kannonkyouwakunzue/ First volume/ 1 / 11.”
The essential portion of this talk should have a look there.
Below, the portion of this illustration is translated freely and indicated.

Those who is called Manabe were in “竹の庄(takeno-syou)” of Matsuyama in Bitchu a long time ago.
The wife hid from the husband and was doing the mountain priest and the extramarital affair.
At a certain time, the husband found out the clandestine meeting of the mountain priest with the wife, and impeached the mountain priest strongly.
A wife rages instantly, will speak ill of a husband, will riot and turn around him, and it will be finally put into her in a prison.
It has raged also in a prison, and it changes to the fearful face as a day passes.
Eyes were hung up, the mouth split to close to his ears, the long fang grew, and hair stood on end.
It had become the incarnation of the snake, living. ”

“People gathered in order to catch this sight.
A demon’s woman says “Say that oneself becomes the Lord of a pond or take yourself out from here.”
Moreover, a drum is struck, and it dances and says “Take to a pond.”
If it did not fulfill a wish, it was threatened that one person did not leave people of this village, either, killed them, and it sank into a pond.
A husband and other persons take out a demon’s woman from a prison reluctantly.
Although taken to the pond by a drum or musical accompaniment, empty became deep-black on the way, and heavy rain shook out.
everybody was afraid, and escaped and whether the demon’s woman went into the pond did not enter — it does not understand a thing.
This is a thing on Masayasu June 8, 2. “

“This is a talk of the devil borne by the acolasia.
In addition, Shoji’s of Masato’s of Hidaka’s daughter became “the woman of the carat ring” of the Noh song with the incarnation of the snake for the acolasia.
There are many such examples even in Japan or China.
If it becomes, and there is a sign of the acolasia, this must be regarded as their being Yasya and Rasetu doing, and it must pray for it to the Goddess of Mercy immediately.
The acolasia is severed by a bodhisattva’s power. ”

観音経和訓図会/ 上巻/ 11」の続きの挿絵です。このお話の本質的な部分はそちらをご覧下さい。以下には、この挿絵の部分を意訳して記載します。




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