"Morning glory", "Yoro", and a "taro" are drawn.

Hokusai-enshiki/ 14

“蕣 (asagao)”, “Yoro”, and a “taro” are drawn.
Although “Asagao” reads with a “morning glory” and it is written also as a “morning glory”, it is a plant of the department of Convolvulaceae.
I think that “Yoro” is “the waterfall of Yoro” probably located in Nara Yoro-si Yoro-cho.
A “taro” is a taro.
“Wave” Probably the upper row left end is drawn.
It is not the wave that rather comes in but an impression by which it has been sprung.
a lower-berth right end “Oyashirazu”, it was not understood what kind of thing it was.
As contents of the picture, a tree grows thick, a rocky mountain is private house used and the kimono is drawn on it.


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