"sparrow", a "dandelion", "Astragalus sinicus", and a "Japanese sago palm" are drawn.

Hokusai-enshiki/ 23

“群雀”, a “dandelion”, “紫雲英(gegen-sou)”, and a “Japanese sago palm” are drawn.
“群雀” is the sparrow which is forming the group.
Although he thinks that it is flying, it may be picking, if the surrounding dot is a grain of rice.
A “dandelion” is read with a “dandelion” and is a perennial herbaceous plant of the department of a chrysanthemum.
It is drawn from a little far time, and is visible alone.
“Milk vetch” is read although “Gegen-sou” is “Astragalus sinicus.”
It is biennial grass of the pulse family.
A “Japanese sago palm” is read with a “Japanese sago palm”, and is an evergreen low tree of the department of a Japanese sago palm.


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