The picture is drown "Astragalus sinicus" and "Patrinia scabiosifolia" and "Lilium maculatum" and "烏扇" are drown.Probably "Iris domestica" is "Astragalus sinicus"

Kachou-enshiki/ 12

Four kinds of flowers are drawn.

· Ominaesi (Patrinia scabiosifolia)
· Renge-sou or Hime-yuri (Astragalus sinicus)
Santan (Lilium maculatum)
· Usen or Hiougi (Iris domestica)

It is a wild grass that makes you feel the season in Japan.


・Ominaesi(Patrinia scabiosifolia)
・Renge-sou or Hime-yuri(Astragalus sinicus)
・Santan(Lilium maculatum)
・Usen or Hiougi(Iris domestica)



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