"Flower of Foxglove tree"and "Mirabilis jalapa",  "Rose balsamt", and "flower of a bushclover " are drawn.

Kachou-enshiki/ 47

“桐(kiri)”and “おしろい(oshiroi)”, “ほうせんか(housenka)”, and “flower of a bushclover ” are drawn.
“Oshiroi” is “Mirabilis jalapa”, and is a perennial herbaceous plant of the department of a four o’clock.
“Housenka” is “Rose balsamt”, and it is a therophyte of the department of Balsaminaceae.
“The flower of a bushclover” is a bushclover as it is, and it is a general term of the plant of the pulse family. The lower left was not able to be read.


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