The "Japanese sago palm" and the "Pueraria lobata" are drawn

Kachou-enshiki/ 17

Three kinds of plants are drawn.

· Sotetu (Japanese cycads)
· Pueraria lobata
· Shion

The history of Japanese cycads is old, and was painted in the Edo period.

The appearance of Cycles may be unique and may have captured the hearts of painters. In the Edo period, it seemed that planting cycads in the garden became popular, and it was easy to draw in paintings too.
In China it was used as a traditional Chinese medicine.

In Japan, Kuzu was used for food and drink. They are rice cakes and tea.
The root of Kuzu is used as a traditional Chinese medicine such as Kakkonto.

Shion encloses a beautiful purple flower and it is also a source of color. It is also used for traditional Chinese medicine.


・Sotetu(Japanese sago palm)
・Pueraria lobata






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