"Larch grass", "biennial grass", "Mizu-aoi", and a "hydrangea" are drawn.

Kachou-enshiki/ 54

“Larch grass”, “げんげ草(genge-sou)”, “水葵(mizu-aoi)”, and a “hydrangea” are drawn.
“Larch grass” is read with “meadow rue” and is a perennial herbaceous plant of a buttercup family.
“genge-sou” is biennial grass of the pulse family.
“mizu-aoi” reads with “Mizu-aoi” and is a therophyte of the department of Mizu-aoi.
A “hydrangea” is a fallen-leaves low tree of the department of creeping saxifrage.
All have focused on the flower, and even if it has simplified, the feature is in sight.


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