Scenery in which people who perform a thresh and rice cleaning of the Edo period are.

Onna-daigaku/ 4

It is the scenery of the Edo period which threshes the mown rice or has cleaned rice.
It is on the left-hand side of “Onnadaigaku/3.”

The mown rice is made into the bunch in the lower part.
The hit of the root is tied.
Probably it is failed from an ear of rice to strike a rice in the middle.
This distance is the portion a “thresh” which drops a rice on a pole.
The mortar was turned in great numbers and chaff is dropped on the upper part.
It is a portion called rice cleaning now.

I think that it is a wonderful illustration understood what kind of tool was used for Edo period that time how.
From the first, since a woman university has a role of a textbook, it will be a picture explanatory so far.
Although there is also a portion which is disappearing somewhat, I think that it is a material which can be somehow used as the whole.




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