An "apple", "deutzia", "the day flower", "the morning glory ", the "Chinese bellflower", and the "azalea" are drawn

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an “apple”, “はなうつぎ”, “the day flower”, “the morning glory “, the “Chinese bellflower”, and the “azalea” are drawn.
An “apple” is Rosaceae.
“Hanauzuki” it was also called “deutzia” and the flower bloomed “Deutzia crenata” it points out.
“Deutzia crenata” it is a fallen-leaves low tree of the department of creeping saxifrage.
a “the day flower” the therophyte of the department of Commelinaceae.
A “morning glory” belongs to the family of Convolvulaceae.
A “Chinese bellflower” belongs to the family of a Chinese bellflower.
An “azalea” is Ericaceae.
A close-up of is taken by the portion of the flower, respectively, and the feature of a flower is an intelligible way of drawing.

It is the illustration which took only a close-up of the portion of a flower.



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